Metal Detectors
White's Metal DetectorsThe BeachHunter® ID metal detector ignores junk and picks up just the treasure. Hunt in and out of the water without missing the good stuff. Identify detected targets in a snap with a glance at one of the color-coded LED's.

BeachHunter® ID Metal Detector FEATURES:

  • A Dual Frequency metal detector providing optimum detection on the sand and in the water.

  • Two Search Modes: Toggle between All-Metal and Motion Discrimination for easy pinpointing and versatility.

  • 3 Controls - Threshold, Sensitivity, and Ground. Total metal detector versatility is all here!

  • Salt and Freshwater metal detector versatility for all kinds of beach hunting.

  • Drop-in "AA" battery system and battery test. 20 hrs. of hunting.

  • Detachable control box with hip or chest-mount pouch included.

  • Waterproof to 25 feet.

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